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Cut your installation costs with ROHN No Prime Tower Paint, perfect for use on untreated galvanized surfaces.

Tower White and Tower Orange are protective coatings formulated with a vinyl/acrylic emulsion resin providing long-term protection and performance.

These Tower Paint coatings offer excellent resistance to weathering, ease of application and freedom from fire hazard. ROHN Tower Paint meets FAA regulations for color coding transmission towers. (Federal Standard No. 595 Colors, 12197 and 17875)

ROHN also offers a variety of sizes of tower pipe, both standard (SCH40) and extra heavy (SCH80). All ROHN tower pipe is hot-dip galvanized inside and outside for ultimate corrosion protection. Tower Pipe sizes range from 2" - 4" I.D. and is available in lengths from 5' up to 18'.

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