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Self-Supporting Towers: SSV

ROHN SSV towers are available with a wide variety of pre-designed accessories including:

  • Platforms
  • Antenna Mounts
  • Tower Climbing Ladders
  • Lighting Accessories
  • Mounting Frames
  • Ice Shields
  • Safety Climbing Devices


Most ROHN SSV self-supporting tower sections use angle steel cross bracing with lighter upper sections using a Zig-Zag brace pattern. SSV tower sections can be combined with “K” braced SSMW self-supporting tower sections for added height and strength when needed.


Time tested strength and design, the ROHN SSV series of self-supporting towers provide an excellent strength to cost ratio proven by years of use. In production for nearly 40 years in our tower design and tower manufacturing facilities, the SSV tower has evolved into a highly efficient and wide ranging system of custom towers produced from pre-engineered sections. The ROHN SSV tower is the quality standard in the industry for small to midrange self supporting towers.


ROHN SSV towers are in use world-wide for:

  • Cellular, PCS and Two-way Communications Towers
  • Microwave
  • Public Safety
  • Broadcast
  • Surveillance Camera Mounts
  • Weather Stations
  • Sports Lighting


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