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ROHN 80/90 Series Guyed Towers

Featuring unbeatable strength, ROHN 80/90 Series Guyed towers are specifically designed for microwave, cellular, PCS, television and radio broadcast communication towers, and meteorological installations. Constructed in an equilateral triangular pattern with either steel pipe or solid steel legs with tubular or angle steel cross bracing bolted connections, the 80/90 Guyed Tower is individually engineered to meet with stringent specifications of your particular tower design application.

The number 80 pipe towers have a 41" face and are our most economical structure that meet your exacting standards for multi purpose towers. The #90 pipe tower has a 60" face and is suitable for heavy duty applications such as large diameter microwave situations and severe environmental conditions. It is also ideal for collocation of multiple carriers. The model 80/90 are also available with solid rod legs.

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