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Understanding Rev G

Rev G is the latest revision of the TIA-222 Standard “Structural Standards for Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennas”.  The previous version of the Standard was Rev F. Rev G is based on a 3-second gust wind speed and Rev F is based on a fastest-mile wind speed. The wind speeds are not directly comparable and it is very important to define the basis of a wind speed when specifying wind loading requirements. For a given location, the 3-second gust wind speed represents the peak gust wind speed whereas the fastest-mile wind speed represents the average wind speed over the time required for one mile of wind to pass the site.

Rev G presents additional factors to be considered in the design of new structures and for the modification of existing
structures. These factors are briefly discussed below. The reliability requirements of a structure can now be accounted for by assigning a classification to a structure (Class I, II or III). The wind speed can also be adjusted based on the type of terrain surrounding the site (Exposure B, C or D) and if the site is located on a hill, ridge or escarpment (Topographic Category 1-5).

For more information, please take a look at the "Understanding Rev G Brochure Download" below.

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